Iveco Daily 35

1st registration 16.12.2019
Mileage 15 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 35,500 EUR
Order number 5316606

Iveco Daily 35S17A8

1st registration 28.07.2016
Mileage 170,689 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 19,000 EUR
Order number 5114191

Iveco Eurocargo 75E18

1st registration 20.12.2018
Mileage 16,474 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 44,900 EUR
Order number 2684081

Iveco Stralis AS440S46

1st registration 27.05.2016
Mileage 329,439 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 39,000 EUR
Order number C344484

Iveco Daily 35

1st registration 11.05.2018
Mileage 11,128 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 27,000 EUR
Order number 5227986

Iveco Eurocargo 120E25

1st registration 20.10.2015
Mileage 284,846 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 42,000 EUR
Order number 645347

Iveco Stralis AS

1st registration 31.05.2016
Mileage 232,505 km
Location Bratislava
Price net 44,500 EUR
Order number C340547

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